Monday, January 31, 2011

Rebound Striker!

In a flash of pink and purple, the rebound striker knocks out even the toughest enemies!

Here we have my most recent project standing beside X. The procedure was exactly the same as my 2009 project, so I won't bother repeating it. Expect pictures of this finished next week!


james said...

Megaman looks nice. I assume thats the new Kotobukia one. I really like seeing other Rockman fans who customize kits. Kinda rare finds anymore. I would really like to talk with you directly via email as I am working on a few and I'd like to talk to another person about some mods I could do. Kinda hard to as Gundam builders as the two models vastly differ.

turianx9 said...

Actuality, it's one of the older bandai model kits. But sure, drop me a line at turianx9atyahoodotcom

Avegodro said...

Both look really nice. I have a question I want to start building models and such. Any tips?

james said...

Avegodro, Im VileMKII on TMMN. The tips I can hand you are only for airbrushing. I've had absolutely no luck with hand painting.

1st your going to want to strip away the current paint(unless you just want to flat build it) clear it of dust, and just overall clean up the kit. I use Purple Power, I think Turian used some in a previous post. let the parts soak in it overnight so they can be purified.

After that, you will need to sand them down to get rid of a rough plastic layer and make a smoother look when the kit is done.

then clean it with either soapy water, or just some kinda of plastic cleaner. this will pick up all plastic dust.

Now you prime it. There shouldnt be any bubbles in the paint, and if there are, sand that part again and reprime until there are no bubbles. Bubbles are caused from air pockets, dust, and other small particles.

After you let the primer dry, paint it up. mask parts if you have to. Your best bet is to just look up some basic modeling tutorials so you can get pictures to go with the words.

As for a tip: Show work in progress D: I hate just seeing what people 'willed' into existence.

turianx9 said...

@ Avegordo

You can looks at my past posts, and see how I made the X kit, what I used and how I did it, step by step. After reading them, if you have any questions, you can e-mail me at


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