Monday, January 16, 2012

Spinning blade kit upgrade

For those of you that have the spinning blade model kit from the X3 line, you know it only includes half the spinning blade. I am going to fix that!  I have taken an extra piece that I got as part of the frost shield kit, and cut pieces to fit together. I am using clay to create the blade and I will combine the whole thing to make on piece. If all goes well the blades will even turn! Wish me luck!

After much procrastination comes..

Mega Man rebound striker! After putting it off for awhile I decided to strip my original paintjob and give this project some renewed life! The key to making the paint stick the second time around was primer. I have no idea why X didn't need priming but Mega Man did. Weird. 

I am considering making a kotobukiya Mega Man into Cutman. And I am thinking about making a Metal Blade logo variant.