Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Insides and small details.

Today I am posting about how I handled painting X's internal parts. Yes, I know that you can't see them unless you actually disassemble the model kit but, I am a little ocd.

Here we have X's chest and his Micro fusion fuel tank.
The original piece was completely black. I used a technique called dry brushing to get a work battle look. To get the same effect I did, dip your brush into silver metallic paint and brush a piece of paper or a towel until almost nothing comes off. Then start brushing X's body until the details on his chest and legs start coming out nicely.

Brushed metallic details are the best in this case.

To get the fiery red look on his Fuel tank, I used some sparkling gem paint mixed with Red Metallic paint with a small brush and carefully painted his chest.

Before we can continue, there are three things you will need.

These gems are for the discharge vent in X's buster. 5MM will fit.

These alligator clips are for holding up pieces.

This Testors gloss cote will seal your model kit nicely once you have finished painting.

Next up are the details on X's helmet and his crotch armor.
Here I have placed one of the red gems inside of the buster. It fits quite nicely and will hold with some superglue.
Once again I have mixed Red gem paint with red metallic to create the gem effect.

Use a tiny brush and some black metallic paint for this procedure. Don't forget to utilize your stands.
After one more coat of paint, My X will be ready for his closeup! How about yours?


Anonymous said...

Such a great tutorial! It all looks so great. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Gerard W. said...

Hi, I just came across this post by accident. Really fantastic work! Keep it up and cannot wait to see the end result!

There aren't enough MMX toys out there.

Brahman said...

Sweet! Keep in mind that what few models there are of X that have a removable helmet (I know the Bandai ones do), both he and Zero have no hair underneath, just a bunch of electronics/gears. I guess, at least in Zero's case, he was designed to be a fighter, so having hair was completely unnecessary, aside from the external pony-tail.

ruben said...

Awesome work, dude. Still need to grab myself an X model and an unplated Ironbuster Mega Man, but these things aren't easy to find. Shit sucks.

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