Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Custom X

I haven't really ever seen a blog or website out there about Custom Rockman/Mega Man figures. They are kinda rare to come by even on hobby sites. So here I will detail the process I am using to paint my figures and bring them to life.


This is the X mold from the Mega Armor series. First I used super clean to strip him. I just wanna take a second to say this stuff works great for stripping old paint from your figures.

The final result of the stripping process:

As you can see the pieces are nice and clean.

Here I have started the painting process:

I used a camel hair brush and started with a thin coat of paint. I am using Deco art paint. Dazziling metallics brand ice blue color. It's starting to turn out very shinny and metallic looking.

Here we have a comparison shot of the other foot:

Note that by the time I am finished the brush strokes won't be as noticable. This is with only one coat of paint. But you can clearly see that the metallic paint looks much better than the standard color of the feet.
More updates in time, This is a work in progress!!

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